Internet Marketing: 5 Learning Stages Before Making a Living Income Online

New people who come on board each day into the internet marketing business are always looking for how to make a living working online. We shall discuss the problems they will discover in this write-up, what stages they are likely going to go through in their journey to making a living income online and what to do.

Our high hopes at the onset of internet information marketing usually seems to have been misplaced midway because we seem not to comprehend the magnitude of the effort we need to exercise in trying to work and earn a living online without first finding out what difficulties await us. By patiently reading through this article however, your case is certainly going to be different because you will learn from here how to prepare yourself to be successful to work at home and make money online.

Let me state clearly here that everything I write here is based on my personal experience. Moreover, I am continuously learning every day. At least who wears the shoe knows where it pains most. I am not yet a guru but having been in the internet marketing arena for a while I know that it requires patience and perseverance and courage to earn money here.

So you may ask me “How many stages of learning do we have in internet information marketing?” I will categorize it into five stages as follows

Stage one: This is the stage of total confusion for beginners who have no mentor. If you have a mentor who is honest enough to guide you properly, and you follow his instructions strictly, you will not have much problem earning your first income fast. If you decide to go solo, you will hardly earn any money here, if you do, it will be little because you will be learning the ropes by experimenting from one program to another. This stage may last from three to five years.

This is what usually happens during the stage of confusion in learning the internet information marketing business.

1. Most new entrants lack the proper focusing and preparedness. Most of them think that it is easy to pick up money on the internet without working really very smart and hard.

2. The downloading of all types of junks in the name of free e-books becomes the order of the day. The new entrants think that they can easily make money from these junks. Some are good, but need time to mature and that is why they get confused.

3. The buying of unworkable and inapplicable internet information marketing programs is very rampant here. The gurus who sell these programs or e-books to you know that it can’t work or if it does, it will take time but your money is more important to them.

4. Some new members are fond of jumping from one program to another, joining all sorts of groups without knowing that they are irrelevant.

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