Biometric Technology Is Redefining Home Security

With the advancement of digital technology and the decrease in costs of that technology, there have been some amazing changes in our everyday life. Televisions have gotten bigger, thinner, lighter, and project a much clearer picture. Digital cameras have drastically changed the world of photography. What did we do before cell phones? And computers, which […]

Innovative Thinking For Technology Advancements

Innovative thinking is a required skill for technological advancement purposes. A person, who has some innovative ideas, means he can execute them to explore his business. So, innovative thinking leads to emerge of an invention. Generally, innovative thinking comes through brainstorming. For a result oriented brainstorming, people must be familiar with historical and contemporary facts […]

Computer Technology Degree Graduates See Career Boom

One of the most reliable degrees job-wise is it. Use your it level to create new program and programs for companies and situations of all kinds – become a programs designer. In it you will manage and control everything involving programs, database techniques hardware and programming. For learners working toward technological innovation levels, the future […]

Technology Bulimia – How Being Overly Connected May Be Eroding Our Sense of Humanity and Decency

Have you even left a rude, hateful or overly critical comment on a blog? Ever sent a seriously grouchy or judgmental tweet or Facebook post? You may have technology bulimia. In today’s world of instant communication gratification where you almost feel like you’re responding to an inanimate object – the computer or the phone – […]