Apple Sheds Off 5000 Applications In The iPhone Application Store

There’s been recent news that Apple has eliminated around 5000 apps which were registered underneath the iPhone application store. There’s been serious stir in mid-air due to the same reason. The applications were removed on grounds of getting inappropriate content.

Apple continues to be quite reputed for that protection that’s provides on whatever application that’s contained in the application store. They screen applications when a credit card applicatoin is registered around the store but there has not been this type of massive removal in the store for applications that did pass the validation checks at first. iPhone users, in addition to developers who’re developing these applications are very irritated with this particular latest move.

Justification from Apple:

Apple laid an acceptable justification for removing these much applications in only one blow. They’ve termed these applications as “sexually inappropriate” since the application and also the content were mature. They were jokes related application which had cheap content. There has been new guidelines which have been setup to get the application posted within the iPhone application store.

Guideline for application submission:

The next guidelines happen to be placed in to submit applications in to the iPhone application store:

No pictures of women or men in bikini (although the bathing suit application is ruling the iTunes library)

There should not be any skin or silhouettes. Tthere shouldn’t be sexual content.

Something that has a tendency to arouse someone should not be any area of the application.

Any application with sexual content is going to be unapproved immediately.

Communal responses:

  1. There has been mixed feelings of all the the various directions but someway everybody is speaking exactly the same tone. Apple will not have removed the applications which were within the application store since it is at users’ will if they would like to see mature content or otherwise. Apple isn’t the someone to determine if you ought to begin to see the content they’ve blocked. Every person should be independent enough to determine, listen and do according to will.

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